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Lines that outrage commercial agents

  • "Why don't we just tell the truth to the clients?"
  • "I've spotted a few mistakes in the new presentation portfolio. Shall we scratch them out by pen before sending it ?"
  • "You are talking a lot of nonsense."

Lines that outrage technicians

  • "We'll only make a few changes; there's no need to check the system once again."
  • "Do you also believe that Microsoft makes the best programs?"
  • "Why do you need another training? You've been at a seminar last year as well!"
  • "I need to take your prototype with me at a presentation. I promise not to lose it."
  • "I don't know exactly what I need, but if you start something up from our discussion, I'll tell you if you've got it."

Lines that outrage accountants

  • "The difference between my expenses and the budget proves that it has been ill-planned, right?"
  • "Give me the money now! I'll come back later with the budget approval."
  • "What do you mean that you can't increase the budget? You only need to change some figures in a table."
  • "At the end of the year we have had a budget surplus bugetar. Don't you worry, I took care of it."
  • "Is it all right if I use the amortization budget for travels?"

Lines that outrage sellers

  • "The number of preliminary orders that you have brought is truly impressive. Unfortunatelly we have decided not to launch the product on the market."
  • "As an incentive for you, we have decided to change the commission schedule."
  • "Why don't you take an engineer along when you go to the clients?"


[source: "Joy of Working", by Scott Adams]